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Dental Care

Pets Have Teeth, Too! Having a mouth means having a mouth that gets dirty. In about 36 hours, plaque hardens, and you're on your way to tarter buildup, gingivitis, foul breathe and infection. If left unattended, well, it isn't pretty. This video will help you understand. It is talking about cats, but it is essentially the same for dogs. 

Ok. Now you know it is serious. What do you do about it?
There is a two prong approach: home care and veterinary care. First, good home care. This can include brushing, water additives, food and treats specially designed to remove plaque and watching for signs of pain or foul breathe.

Click the photo below to follow the link to our online pharmacy to browse the dental care products you think your pet would enjoy.  They can be delivered right to your door. 

These are easier, but getting you and your pet used to brushing is much less expensive.  The trick is to work up to actual brushing.  Start by getting them used to pet toothpaste--which most pets think tastes pretty good.  Then work up to rubbing their gums with toothpaste on your finger, and so on until you've got them allowing you to brush their teeth.  Patience, praise and consistency.  Here are two videos about brushing.  They both have different helpful tips, so we recommend them both whether you have a cat or dog. 

The second prong is good veterinary care.  That's where we can help.  You bring your pet in for routine preventative visits and we make sure a dental exam is done to assess your pet's needs.  If care is needed, we'll come up with a treatment plan together.  The video below explains the kind of care we may recommend.

We know you love your pets and want them to be healthy, happy and pain free as long as possible.  Dental care is key to making that happen.  Take the first step today and give us a call to schedule your appointment!  207-985-4277

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