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Emergency Care

We are not an emergency hospital.

We are a primary care office with a surgical component.  We are not an emergency room (ER) and aren't staffed or equipped for many types of life threatening medical emergencies.  A list of regional ERs is below.

We love our patients and very much want to be there for them in their time of need.  One way we do this is by being clear about the kind of care we are equipped to provide here and when they really need a level of care that goes beyond primary care. 

If your pet is experiencing a life threatening emergency during our regular hours, you can take them directly to an emergency room.  You are also welcome to call us to see if it sounds like something we can help stabilize on your way to the ER.  Calling us ahead allows us to assess the situation and be ready for you when you arrive.  It also allows us to assess whether it is something better served by going directly to the nearest ER.  Calling us also allows us to send your records ahead and alert the ER that you are on your way.  Please call ahead if possible; our number is 207-985-4277. 

We do not take walk-ins for non-emergencies.  We do set aside appointments during the day for patients who have become ill and need to be seen.  You're welcome to call to see if we can work you in, and we will do our best to do so.  Please know there are occasionally times when there are too many ill patients for us to see here in a day and we need to refer you elsewhere for timely care.  That is not a lack of caring, but a sound medical decision.  We really do love our patients. 

Regional Emergency Rooms

Our area has four emergency rooms.  They are roughly equidistant from our offices, but one may be closer to your emergency.  Below are phone numbers and links to the directions on their websites. Calling ahead helps them prepare for treating your pet as soon as you arrive. 

Portland, ME
Animal Emergency And Specialty Care

Scarborough, ME
Maine Veterinary Medical Center

Newington, NH
Veterinary Emergency Critical Care

Portsmouth, NH
Port City Veterinary Hospital

Poison Control Helplines

ASPCA Poison Control Center
(888) 426-4435.  A fee may be applied to your credit card. 
If you have a current annual registration with HomeAgain, the call is free of charge.

Pet Poison Helpline
800-213-6680.  A fee may be applied to your credit card.

Planning Ahead

We encourage all our clients to add these resources to your cell phone.  In a life threatening emergency, seconds count.  Being able to use your phone to connect easily can save a life. 

Kennebunk Veterinary Hospital has provided these links as a service and believes they are good resources.  However, KVH is in no way responsible for the specific direction given by their staffs or the outcomes of treatment by other providers.

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  • "All the staff are friendly and patient and helpful. Dr. Shively is the BEST! She truly cares about the pets in her care and takes time to explain details the owners need to know, all with a lovely sense of humor."
    Charlotte Kennebunk, ME

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