Pet Behavioral Support

Learn more about the pet behavioral support services we offer below.

Many pets exhibit problematic behaviors at some point.  Whether that is a cat urinating outside the litter box or a dog eating the couch, families need help.  Getting to the root cause is key to everyone’s wellbeing.  Is the problem an undiagnosed UTI or a behavioral response to harassment by the neighbor’s cat?  Is the damage separation anxiety or a lack of an outlet for their physical and mental energy?  You can’t solve a problem until you understand it.  So many pets end up in shelters due to unaddressed behavioral issues.  Knowing where to start looking is critical.

We start by looking for physical causes.  We have seen most things before and know what tools, techniques, supplements and medications can help.  And we’re not shy about referring to behavioral specialists when their expertise is needed.  Let’s work together to support your pet and your family.